Cache de Form

Hi, my name is Ray da Costa. I need ahuda. I have a cadbro screen using Vaadin 7. I have a problem in the update of the registered data. When you make a change to the registration screen, Vaadin does NOT change the data in the database. Always keep the forefinger. Even though I land the data in the bank, it keeps the screen prior. Like a cache. If you restart tomcat this data is displayed correctly.
1 - Is there any vaadin cache that can be turned off?
2 - Is it normal to keep cached data?
3 - How can I disable the cache? Use Tomcat7 Consumes data from an application running on JBoss

More information. To assist in the analysis. I do change data on screen but the screen keeps the previous data, it does not change the data in the database. Even after making the committee process. Is there any data cache on the screen? Is there anything keeping the session persistent in this data?