button response timeout

Hello everyone.

We have a very special problem that we can’t find any solution so far on the forum.

In general, our application sends requests to a reverse proxy that transfers the requests to the application server. The reverse proxy has a response timeout asked by the customer. So if the application server does not respond in 1 minute, there will be an error and tha application will show an error message of communication problem in a red rectangle like the other system errors in Vaadin.

To limit the response time and avoid showing the error message, we’d like to set a timeout to button click for example. That is, if we click a button and have no response in 1 minute, we’ll throw an exception as if the application loses connection to the server. But we don’t know how to realise it. We can’t find where we can set the timeout in the API.

Do you hava any ideas? Thanks a lot!