Button Listener need parameter at runtime


My scenarios is i have multiple rows of limited data, if the data exceed the limit, there is “see more” link at the end to show the complete data.

I have implemented the data in Horizontal and Vertical Layouts and added the listners to the the “see more” link, but problem here is when i click on the see more link for any row, how can i recognize whcih row’s see more link is it. What I think is there should be some parameters to the listeners so that i can pass them at the time when data is being populated. So the time link is clicked, I can easiuly recognize which see more link is this. I have workarrounds by using global variables, but i don’t want to use that approach.

Suggestions will be much appriciated.



what you’re looking for is probably the
setData(Object data)
method. It allows you to assign any application specific data to a
(or to any other component that is a subclass of

  • Teemu

Thanks Teemu, it solved my problem