Button icons randomly missing

Hi all.

I am using Button.setIcon( new ClassResource(…) ) to get PNGs as Icons.
It works fine most of the time, but sometimes an ‘placeholder’ image is
displayed instead of the real image, and sometimes even nothing is displayed.

For me it looks like some caching bug, because if i inspect the element with
the browser (chrome/firefox), i see a changing path in the tag,
that has the form //APP///.

Someone knows, what’s going wrong?


Do you mean, that the same image file is sometimes displaying and sometimes not?

Yes. But it was my fault! ;-(
There was a message about TabSheets loosing the icons,
so i thought, it might be the same, but the error was between my own ears! :wink:


What was the problem if you don’t mind me asking? I’m having an issue with Vaadin table and images that sounds similar…

My problem was a ComponentFactory class, that was using some static elements.
So everything was fine, as long only one session of the Application was running.
The next sessions simply didn’t get some private data, but were using the wrong things… :wink: