Button default


can anyone provide information. for how to make the a button default in group of button.

i made a menu bar with five button. my goal is to make one button as default for the main page…


OK - I’m afraid I don’t understand your question.

Please show clearly - preferably with a small application code sample - what you would like to happen.


i need to create a webpage. for that i created a header with two horizontal layout. i placed buttons in top layout and its corresponding tabs in bottom layout. i added clicklistner to the button in top layout.

i need to make the first button as clicked and its corresponding tabs to be displayed when the webpage starts.

eg: see the vaadin webside at the top . i need that stuff. am attaching the file pfa

add a style name to your button (button.addStyleName(String)) and theme it with css to make it look like clicked.

Alternatively use a different component, like TabSheet.