Button customizing

Hi. It is necessary to customize button similarly on pic. add_project.png. Clicking I get standard style button in white (see result.png). What style I must override to get blue background?

In addition to the ‘generic’ button style, there’s .v-button:focus for a focused button and .v-button:active and/or .v-button.v-pressed for the ‘clicked’ state (where you hold down the button). Overriding these should do the trick. Of course you’ll need to change the styling for the v-button-wrap in addition to just the v-button.

Another option is to use Button.setPrimaryStylename(String) to change the buttons class attribute from “v-button” to something else, leaving it up to you to create the CSS from scratch.

Teppo Kurki, Jouni Koivuviita, thanks. Button.setPrimaryStylename(String) that is what I was searching.