Button background color with Valo

Hi everybody,

first of all, great work with Valo.

Next: Problem with a button background color, using Vaadin 7.3.0.
My Styles:

.primarybutton {
@include valo-button-style($background-color: #3F9CCC, $font-size: 20px);

Button has corresponding style name added. The weird thing: Font size does work, backgroud color does not.
When I am adding following…

$v-background-color: #000000;

… the buttons have a black background. But unfortunately all buttons, not just the buttons with the style name added.

Something I am missing? Thanks in advance!

OK, embarrising.
Before that style I had that closing bracket ‘}’, which was one too much.
Compiler had a warning, not an error.
Font size did work, background color did not, that’s the reason I was wondering why.

→ Make sure if the is ONE opening bracket, there is exactly ONE closing bracket. :slight_smile: