Business App starter - run with Spring boot

We have standardize our production environment with Spring boot apps. Now we would like create new one and use Business App starter template. But by default it is run as jetty WAR. Any idea how can we convert it into Spring Boot?

Hi Matic,

I suggest taking a look at the Full Stack App (Bakery) starter as an example of a Spring Boot Vaadin application. It should be straightforward to transplant the ui and backend packages from the Business App starter and delete the Bakery ones if you want to start from these views. You’ll also need to copy over the frontend folder in the project root, as it contains the necessary frontend files.


This is what I did:

  1. Created Spring Boot Starter App.
  2. Created Business App Starter.
  3. Copied all spring related lines/blocks from step 1 pom to step 2 pom:
    a. packaging from war to jar
    b. spring boot starter parent
    c. add dependency vaadin-spring-boot-starter
    d. vaadin version at 14.1.5 - this does not work with 14.1.15
    e. spring boot plugin
  4. Added a class Application with main() in step 2 app.

After that I was able to run it in IntelliJ with no issues and the app comes up in the browser.

I have not run the jar as a standalone yet, but no reason to think it wont work.