Business app demo git repository

Hi, where can I find the Business app demo git repository?
I’ve create a project based on this demo, but the source code version is always 1.0-SNAPSHOT, and I have difficulties to the track the code change.

Hi. As the Business app example is a Pro-subscription perk, we’ve chosen to keep the repo private. Is there anything in particular you were looking for?

Hi Thomas. I re-use some code from Business app demo, but I found the code base keep changing and hard to track the change.
As a Pro user, is there anyway for me to access the source code repo?

Sorry for the wait, had to check with the higher-ups… Unfortunately we can’t give out access to the repo. We will have to figure out some other way for users to easily see what’s changed, but right now we don’t have anything for that. Sorry that I can’t be of more help.