Building project with Vaadin Font Icons and Designer with Ivy + Ant

We have published some nice goodies recently like the Vaadin Font Icons and Designer.

If you prefer to use Eclipse, Ivy and Ant and want to use these latest things in your project, build & deploy deploy the WAR using build.xml, here are some hints. I am not a guru in this topic, but this is something you can start with.

I found rather good baseline build.xml for Ant + Ivy from GitHub, so I used it as basis. It works as is nicely for simple projects, where you need to compile and build your, project, widgetset (if you are using add ons) and your custom theme.

I did some additions to build.xml (see the attached file), so that files created by Designer (the declarative .html designs) are included in the WAR correctly as well as Vaadin Font Icons, which are in fonts folder your theme folder.

This is still rather generic and offers good baseline you can modify to fit your projects. Comments and improvements are welcome.

20928.xml (5.15 KB)