Building ITMill installation package on 32 bit Windows


Is there some particular reason why the Xalan XSLT processing in manual-html Ant target is set to use maximum of 1300 megs of memory? At least in my 32 bit Windows the OS doesn’t let the VM take that much memory and the result is “Could not reserve enough space for object heap”.

I changed the maxmemory parameter to 1024m it that works. Could it be the default also in trunk?



XSLT takes huge amount of memory, but 1024m should be enough. Marko, do you have any comments on this (and if 1024m is ok for, you could you make the changes to build.xml).

I suspect that the maximum memory was set higher when the Javadocs were compiled into the manual in Toolkit 4. Compiling just the “Part 1” of the manual without the Javadoc is a much smaller task. I tried it and it seemed to work with 256M, so I set it now to 512M, the same as the other Java processes.

Build scripts must be enhanced asap. I got few ideas how to make this a lot simpler and more straightforward experience, I’ll get back to this later.

Please start another thread about this.

(IMO the build.xsl works fairly well, but are not properly documented. So please point what is broken before proposing a fix.)