Building Dating Platform with Vaadin and Liferay

Hello Community,

I plan to build a dating platform with a social network using Liferay and Vaadin. I am not sure, whether Liferay is the best choice for the open web application and whether it can bring impact comparing to the self development. Our application should support the complete user management, messaging, chating, video chat, questionnaires functionalities. In addition to that there are following non-functional requirements:
The application should be scalable, performant, secure and stable. Now we have 15k active users, but we plan to scale to 500k active users during next 5 years.

We have several ways to implement the requirements:

  1. J2EE server side with Angular JS frontend
  2. J2EE with Vaadin
  3. Liferay with Vaadin

I’ve read that Liferay is good for Enterprise intranet platforms. Is this also a good choice for internet applications? Can it meet all requirements we have? How complex is it to implement completely new requirements with new data model? What are the advantages of the Liferay EE?

Thank you in advance.

So what happened? Did you manage to do it after all?

Hello daxdax89,

we’ve decided to build the platform without liferay with poor Vaadin. It was a good decision because it gave us a flexibility, which we need to fulfil all customer’s requirements.

Could you show me please? Mind adding me on Skype? “daxdax89”
I am planning on making something similar. Who knows, we could maybe join our forces together :wink:

Hey Michael,
good luck on your project! I’m very interested in this project too.
Do you still have an active user base of 15k+ users? Did you encounter problems with session size? Does vaadin scale good with this amount of traffic?

I am looking forward to see some inputs :slight_smile:


Hello Wolfgang,

our platform isn’t life yet. It has a lot of logic, which should be implemented and our customer has a lot of requirements. We plan to go soon. When we are ready I can post a link here and everybody can register on our platform :slight_smile:

We have decided to create a platform without Liferay Vaadin with poverty, it was a good decision, because it gives us the flexibility we need to meet the needs of all customers.