Bug with Grid update item on Vaadin 13

I have an issue on the GRID on an app with Vaadin 13, (there is no plan to update to 14 right now), is just a new view with a Grid and an a form to edit the items of that grid.

On a Grid I added an addItemDoubleClickListener to open a form to edit the selected item, after I edit that element and click save, I refresh the dataprovider, the item that was edited associated to the addItemDoubleClickListener is null, so I can’t open this item again, until I doubleclick on another row of the grid.

If I refresh only the item I edited with ‘grid.getDataProvider().refreshItem(itemEdited);’, the listener is not lost and the information is ok, but the new information is not refreshed on the grid.

BTW, all the info at this momment is on memory is not saved on the database

   private final Grid<Question> grid = new Grid<>();
    private final List<Question> questionList = new ArrayList<>();
    private final ListDataProvider<Question> dataProvider = new ListDataProvider<>(questionList);
    public void loadGridValues(Question[] questions) {
        questionList.addAll( Arrays.asList( questions ) );
	private buildGrid(){
        grid.addItemDoubleClickListener(event -> {
            openEditor( event.getItem().getQuestion_index() );
    public void save(Question questionBeingEdited) {
		//This update the info correctly and keep the doubleclicklistener but not update the grid 
		//this update the grid but the doubleclicklistener value item is set to null


Is this a bug or I’m doing something wrong?

To answer myself the bug is this: https://github.com/vaadin/flow/issues/4761

but I don’t know if it was fixed