bug in rendering after upgrading 6.6.6 -> 6.7.1, fixed by cleaning cache

text fields have black vertical lines after I changed Vaadin version from 6.6.6 6.7.1:

this can be fixed by cleaning the browser cache.

Vaadin should always automatically load new widgetset for the browser (if required). But in this case it may be that between 6.6.6 → 6.7.1 the base theme (e.g. Reindeer) was updated on Vaadin and this is not automatically updated on the browser.

The work-around for this is to click “refresh” which is fine for development time but on production it’s a real pain, end users should not ever see this kind of issues. One workaround that comes to my mind is to add version number to your theme name add increase it by one when upgrading Vaadin. Yes, it’s not elegant.

I guess quite a few web frameworks suffer similar “refresh” issues when certain parts of the system is updated. I’d think that some kind of versioning for the theme files as well (in path?) would fix these kind of issues for good. If Vaadin has been upgraded => just reload theme files also just to play it safe.

I decided to write a bug report for this: