Bug in Firefox only - wanted dead or alive


As you may know, our certification community site Black Belt Factory [1]
has been rewritten using the Vaadin. We encountered a bug that we just can’t fix in a Vaadin-GWT widget that we made, but maybe you can. This is some nasty, low-level, GWT-related bug that occurs only under Firefox.

We can give $200 to the first Vaadin expert who can fix the bug.

Here is the link [2]
to all the information that you needed to participate in this challenge.

We would appreciate bugfix for the issue or at least some tips where the problem could lie.

Kind regards.


I don’t think I qualify for the bounty as I work for Vaadin (sorry if anyone else has spent time on this), but the problem probably comes from the isFF3() branch in VTextField.updateFromUIDL(), which later overwrites what your setText() does - see the comments in that branch.
You should be able to do a similar deferred command (to be executed after the one from VTextArea) in the case of FF3 to fix this.

Sorry Henri, but I didn’t receive notification about your response and therefore wasn’t aware of your tip.

Unfortunately in the meantime somebody else posted the answer and complete solution to the Black Belt Factory forum [1]
and the bounty went to him.

Thank you for the response anyway. I hope it will help the others to avoid this issue in the future.