Bug in DEMO city name retrieval

Hi Folks,

this is the code from DatabaseHelper:

public String getCityName(int cityId) {
        Object cityItemId = cityContainer.getIdByIndex(cityId); // <- confuses index and city.id
        return cityContainer.getItem(cityItemId).getItemProperty("name")

the line : “Object cityItemId = cityContainer.getIdByIndex(cityId);”
retrieves the city name from the index of the table not the cityid (integer) - in other words if you have a table that has some cities deleted and the index no longer has a one to one and onto relationship with the city.id, and hence the city.name.
example table:

idx                          id                            name
0                             0                             Denver
1                             1                            Colorado Springs
3                             5                            Aurora
4                             9                            New York
5                             10                          Tampa

2 resulting bugs;

  1. When retrieving a city.name that occurs after the city that was deleted you will not longer get the city you wanted. – eg. pass in id 5 and it will return Tampa! not Aurora.

  2. If the city.id you are trying to retrieve is greater than the number of lines in the table (+1) you will get a limited number of lines showing in your web table. --eg. pass in 9 and it falls over syntax error missing ] element ] after element list stack.

please help…how do I fix this please?