Bubble Chart Background Image

There seems to be a class ChartStyle https://vaadin.com/api/platform/23.2.2/com/vaadin/flow/component/charts/model/style/ChartStyle.html that allows setting a background image, however I couldn’t find any example on how to actually add that to a chart, does anyone know of a minimal example? I’m using the newest Vaadin charts with Vaadin 23.2.2

Does no one have any idea on how this would be used or some sort of example or link to example? I cannot find anything except for the documentation linked above. Any help would be much appreciated…

There’s no API for it but you can try a workaround calling a javascript function to set the background image, this worked for me:

chart.getElement().executeJs("setTimeout(function(){ this.configuration.options.chart.plotBackgroundImage = 'https://www.highcharts.com/samples/graphics/skies.jpg';}.bind(this));");

In order for this to be visible, you will also need to remove background color:

.highcharts-background {

Hope this helps!