BrowserWindowOpener on tree elements

Hi guys,

I tried the BrowserWindowOpener Component to open some UIs as popups. When used in combination with a button or a Label it works really well but what I wanted to do was clicking on a MenuTree and open the UI as a result to that. When I try

Tree tree = new Tree();
        tree.addItem("Item 1");
  BrowserWindowOpener popUp = new BrowserWindowOpener("myUI");

it compiles without a problem but clicking on the tree has no effect. Is there anything I can do about that?

Does nobody know abaout that or is it simply not possible at the moment?

If you look at the VTree.TreeNode class and especially the onBrowserEvent method there, you’ll see that the mouse click event’s propagation is stopped at the TreeNode. Your BrowserWindowOpener attaches a click listener to the VTree itself, and thus the click event never gets there.

Note: I didn’t test this to make sure that this is the reason. It’s just a possibility I could think of.