BrowserWindowOpener in Vaadin Flow

Im lookin for a way to migrate a BrowserWindowOpener from Vaadin 8 to Vaadin Flow to open simple html content.
Im not familiar with Javascript, but i assume it’s right to use it here.
Does anyone have a suggestion?

There is this addon: Browser Opener - Vaadin Add-on Directory

I’m not sure what you’re trying to do. Do you want to open a url in a browser tab?

For me it sounds like: just showing html in a dialog - e.g. new Dialog(new Html(string)) (total simplified solution)

Thanks for the suggestions. Its our terms of service and usually they are shown in a seperate window

Any specific reason why this not included in flow?

If it’s an external page.
You can use an Anchor with target _blank. You can use the IFrame component and set the url (src attribute).
If it’s HTML then @quirky-zebra solution can work.
If you want to add HTML with header and style then you can use the IFrame component and set the content (I think srcset attribute).

I think the addon has been built to minimize the effort of migration from the previous BrowserWindowOpener addon.

Okay, thanks for very much! Have a nice day.
I hope my questions are not too trivial, im still learning Vaadin

No worry this channel is here for <:vaadinlogo:1042550128126480474> questions