BrowserWindowOpener - change icon on browser tab?

Hi folks - quick question.

Our vaadin app uses a custom theme, with it’s own “favicon.ico” file. When the app starts, the correct icon is shown in the browser tab.

I have recently implemented some online help pages for the app, and have placed them in the custom theme folder (/help/index.htm).

When a user clicks on the ‘help’ button in our application, I show the help via a BrowserWindowOpener as follows:

BrowserWindowOpener opener = new BrowserWindowOpener(new ThemeResource("help/index.htm"))

The help is show OK on a new browser tab, but the icon on this new browser tab is the standard apache tomcat icon. I guess I expected it to use our custom favicon.ico, but it doesnt. Any ideas on how to solve?


And the opened HTML document has the favicon declarations in the header?

Something along:


[/code]Note that the path must be relative to the theme resource HTML you are referring it from, or absolute.

No :slight_smile:

I feared I might have to do something like that (ie nothing Vaadin related at all). I am using a help authoring toolkit to create the pages, and it doesnt appear to support injecting icons into generated HTML.

I’ll investigate some more, but I guess it may be something we just have to live with.