BrowserFrame link click event.

I am trying to figure out how to capture the click of a HTML link in a browser frame. Basically because of the complex data I am displaying, I am going to display the data in a HTML table and show that data in a BrowserFrame. I have worked that part out, but what I need help with is the following.

One each entry in the table I want to have a HTML link that will open up a Vaadin window with additional information based on that entry. I have kinda figured out that I need to add a javaScript function that will then do a RPC call back the server. I would then have a listener on the server that would handle that call, extract the data I need from the JsonArray arguments, and open the window to display the correct data. The problem is that I can not seem to find a exact example of how this would be done. Everything I see kinda of hints around the edges of it.

Can anyone offer any help in this area?

Sorry, I don’t think I have an example of that, but I think the concept should work as you described, as long as the content of the iframe is served from the same origin (address and port) as the Vaadin application. I think the RPC call should go about exactly as it goes in the book, except that you call “”. Plus whatever parameters you want to give.

It should work with JavaScript client-server RPC, and that’s probably the best way to do it, but you could also do it by using server push, and handling the link clicks in a RequestHandler and then passing them to the UI. Not that I recommend that way, just to mention it.