BrowserFrame - iFrame id

I am trying to creating empty iFrame with id. Problem is that id is set on div that contains iFrame not actual iFrame. Is there any way to set iFrame id? I didn’t found any so far (other than javascript).

Resource source = new ExternalResource(someurl);
output = new BrowserFrame(“”,source);
output.setId(“testID”); // this id would be set on div component not actual iFrame
// ExternalResource doesn’t have setId method
// I tried embedded and has same problem id is not set on iFrame but it is set on div and I need id to be set for iframe

Any ideas?

Ok, I found solution myself. Not nice one but working:

Label label = new Label(“”,ContentMode.HTML);
label.setValue(“<iframe id="”+frame_id+“" >”);

Well hope this helps to someone in future.

Just to let you know: Three years later,your workaround did help me :slight_smile:
Thanks for posting!