Browser Title When Deployed as Portlet

When a Vaadin application deployed as a portlet in Liferay is added to a page, it appears to set the browser title bar text to the application main window caption.

This is what might be expected from a servlet, but the portlet is only one of many on the Liferay page and the title bar probably shouldn’t be changed. If no caption is set for the application main window then it still sets it to the default (e.g., “Mozilla Firefox”).

Are others seeing this behaviour? Would it be reasonable to request that the main window caption does not alter the browser title bar when deployed as a portlet?


Yes, I also encountered the same issue and created a ticket for it.

Thanks; I should have searched the tickets. I’ve only started working with Vaadin in the last couple of days. Searched the forums and the wiki but not the tickets.

I’m only interested in portlet development at the moment. Do you have any pointers to some sophisticated examples? Just about to try and find out how to interact with the portal; e.g., capture configuration information for the portlet instance. Do you know of any sample code showing how to do this.