Browser compactability

hi all,

i have a major problem. i developed a website using vaadin. when the site opened in chrome it show in correct format, but when opened in firefox or some other browser the tabs are not aligned properly (overlapping) and in table the table header is missing (it was in color blue when seen in chrome).

pls give a solution for the Browser compactability…



Well you need to provide further information: Have you altered the CSS? Which Theme and Vaadin-Version are you using? How looks the sourcecode in question? What is the desired behaviour (screenshot) and how does it look like in the “not working” browsers? Are there layout-problems (add “?debug” to your URL and click AL-button in upcoming debug-window)?

hi, am using reindeer theme and vaadin version 6.8. am using the addressbook css for this .

pls give me solutions

Well, don’t know about the adressbook.css but Reindeer should simply work in all browsers.