Browser cache?

Hi vaadins, there is a way to avoid browser cache ?

  • Scenario
    : we have a login form (initial site) and it can be called with special parameters (from URL). Depending on these parameters I am building a login form with 2 or 3 fields.

  • The problem
    : Sometimes when 3 field should be displayed, we get only 2 because (I guess), the previous call was a call that did must generate a login form with only 2 fields. The problem is solved cleaning browser cache (including cookies)

We are using ?restartApplication in our first call, but not always solve the problem. Browser Firefox 12.0.
I hope you can me help. Thanks !

Looks like a limitation of the LoginForm-component to me … As the URL used by the generated iframe is static, the browser will cache it - regardless of the actual generated HTML you return. Maybe there is a way to get around this, but it will require GWT-client-side-coding. In my imagination you would just have to add an “?ignored=” to the iframe’s URL.

Maybe an enhancement-ticket would be a good way to get it done.

Perhaps you could skip using the LoginForm component and build your login form out of standard Vaadin components (or as a non-Vaadin page if you prefer that).
This way, there is no problem with the cache. The downside is that you lose user name and password autocompletion on some browsers that still support it in an iframe.