Broke my Vaadin project after cleaning ivy caches

Hi all,

I’ve been developing a Vaadin-based web app for my work for several months. I have a fair amount of experience with Java, but less with Eclipse and very little with Ivy.

A while back, I changed the ivy.xml file to use the latest Vaadin build, then 7.1.7. I noticed that the [widgetset-compile]
file list still reflected the older Vaadin version, so I got the bright idea to right click on the ivy tree in the Project Explorer and select “Clean all caches”. After then selecting resolve (twice – the first time loaded the 7.1.7 libraries into the [default]
but not [widgetset-compile]
Ivy lists], the project seems OK and compiles without error. However, it doesn’t seem to know it’s an Vaadin project – the Vaadin properties tab shows a blank Vaadin version. If I try to run, Eclipse asks me if I want to run as an Application or a Applet, then just searches for main classes.

What did I break here and how do I fix it? My ignorance of Ivy and the Vaadin Eclipse environment has shut me down here…


Oops nevermind – for reference, my problem wasn’t the Ivy cache. Cleaning and resolving it seemed to get rid of the old Vaadin library references (which were for 7.1.3) correctly. The real problem was that at the same time, an error I made with subversion had accidentally deleted the .settings folder in the project. Restoring from a backup got me back in business.