Bootstrap Like Web Application & Free Page Flow

Hey fellas,
My question has reference to this bootstap application:

  1. Can we achieve anything close to this with Vaadin ?
  2. How do we get the Free Page Flow / Scroll ( Browser Scrolling ) ?
  3. What would be the difficulity level in respect to Bootstrap, easy / complex / same ?
  4. Is there any Bootstrap theme compatiable with Vaadin ?

Thank you.

Hey Dutta,

  1. Yeah, absolutely. I don’t see why it’d be a problem. Is there something special about this site that makes you hesitate/think otherwise?
  2. What do you mean? Layouting/responsive design? That’s just simple (S)CSS.
  3. I can’t compare it to Bootstrap. Just seems like a lot of styles that you’d need to apply/create.
  4. Don’t know.

You’re welcome. :smiley: