Bootstrap and widgetset loading timeout

Hello Devs!

I’m maintaining a legacy project that uses Vaadin 7.6.5. I have two questions:

1, How can i set the widgetset loading timeout? I saw that there’s a hardcoded 15000 value in the vaadinBootstrap.js. I can change it if I edit the vaadinBootstrap.js file in the vaadin-server-7.6.5.jar but it’s not a nice way. Does Vaadin have some kind of configuration property for this?

2, How can i change the bootstrap loading timeout? And what is the default value? In i saw a code that throws an alert if failed to load the bootstrap javascript:
"if (!window.vaadin) alert(“Failed to load the bootstrap javascript:…”
Can you explain the process of loading vaadinBootstrap.js and where can i set the timeout?

Thank you for your response in advance!

Before solving that, I would ask: why is the bootstrap js loading taking over 15s? That seems extreme

This anomaly happens very rarely, but it’s annoying nonetheless. I suspect that there might be a network problem, but it’s time consuming to investigate, so setting a different timeout might be a quicker solution. Although it’s true that it might not eliminate the problem, but i’d give it a try.

The 15000 is hardcoded. You can override it yourself, there’s no shame in that.

The bootstrap loading isn’t really something you can do much about unless you want to embed the UI instead of serving it as standalone

But anyway, agreed extending the timeout is unlikely to resolve the actual issue. If it’s not loading, it’s not loading.