Book of Vaadin in other formats

I’d like to suggest that you make the Book of Vaadin available in other formats. Maybe, epub, pdb, others?


Sounds like a good idea in fact. E-readers are the way of the future, and I guess many of them will vouch for the epub format. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Is there a free, realiable and automaric (to be driven by ant) conversion from DocBook to epub, pdb, …?

What would be the target devices? Kindle?

I think it would be easier, and would produce a better result if it would be possible to generate the epub etc. formats directly from the BoV “sources”, what ever format that was in.

I’d love to have a Kindle/Nook on my desk with BoV in it, when I’m coding with Vaadin

The source format is DocBook :)

Me too… (offtopic rant), but while as Nook is not available outside USA at all, the selection of books for Kindle (when available) is fairly limited outside USA.(/offtopic rant)

DocBook XSL 1.74 and later include some level of support for EPUB. We are currently using DocBook 1.72, so we would need to upgrade, create a configuration for the format, and automate the publication of the EPUB version. This probably requires at least some days of effort, so there would have to be fair demand for the format. Of course, if someone else wants to do it, go ahead.

The main issue I have with an e-book version is that the readers are intended for linear reading of books from cover to cover and are not so ideal for reference documentation that you want to be able to browse around quickly. All user interaction takes around a second to refresh the display and the user interface of most e-books is fairly limited, so browsing a book is very slow and awkward.

I would also need an e-book reader for testing and evaluating the usability of the e-book version, but very few good readers are currently available in Europe. BeBook is maybe the most promising with respect to price and openness, but is technically at the lower end (slow and awkward).

So, it’s a good idea for the future and I’m sure I will add EPUB support when I get a reader and have some time.

As discussed offline, Book of Vaadin pocket edition PDF is just about perfect for the most eInk readers. IMO maintaining separate format for book readers is not worth the effort.

Epub is now available at