book of vaadin diagrams

Hi Guys

I’m new to vaadin and am still going through the “book of vaadin” (the name’s got a nice ring to it, by the way).

I hope I’m not too forward, but I would like to know what tool was used to create the diagrams in the book.
I write a lot of documents and run my share of presentations (currently using smartdraw for diagrams), and would appreciate it if you guys
could share what tool you use, because your diagrams look awesome.

I hope I’m not being too forward.



Most of the diagrams are made with Inkscape. It’s available for many operating systems, so it gives the best compatibility. In Linux it’s probably the best vector editor anyhow. The ability to export images to PNG on command-line is very useful in the editing process and most other editors don’t have that.

Some (about four) of the diagrams are made with OmniGraffle in Mac. It doesn’t really matter much which software you use, you can get pretty much the same result with almost any. Inkscape requires a bit more low-level manual editing than many others, such as with connectors, etc. One major downside with Inkscape is that it doesn’t support CMYK, but it hasn’t been a huge problem. Well, plusses and minuses, the command-line export is a huge plus.

Thanx Marko for the reply much appreciated.

That sounds way too complex, I will stick to what we’re using for now. The only time I have used Inkscape is for updating PDF documents.