Book of Vaadin 7 Edition translation project is active

The community translation project for the Vaadin 7 Edition of Book of Vaadin
is now active
. We use the web-based
collaborative translation service for doing the translations.

Once you make some translations for a language, we add the language to our automated build system, which makes a preview compilation of the translations once a day, available at the
translation project page
. Once a translation reaches an adequate level, at least the first four chapters fully translated, we can publish it
in the book page
along the English version. It will be formatted with prettier formatting than the preview version.

When the English version of the book gets updates, the changed paragraphs need to be retranslated. The translation service has a translation memory that should help with retranslation, as it should remember the translations for the old versions.

Notice that we require signing the same Contribution Agreement as core contributors need to sign to be able to submit code. Sorry if this creates an inconvenience to start translating, but it is necessary.

If you want to try how the translation system works, please visit the old
Vaadin 6 translation project
. These old translations can not be used for Vaadin 7 edition of the book for copyright reasons, as at that time, the translators were not required to sign the agreement before starting to work.