book of vaadin 7, definitive versión?

Does the book of vaadin version 7 is the final?
I’ve seen that make references to the Application class, and that is not available in version 7 of Vaadin.

I feel my English …


Yes, there are still has many outdated sections. Fixing those takes time, as the book has over 600 code examples that have needed to be updated (most are now), etc. Most of the changes need a lot more than just replacing words.

So, even though the book is now labeled “Vaadin 7 Edition”, it shouldn’t be considered “final”, any more than Vaadin 7.0.0 release was final.

The chapters 1-4 should be completely up-to-date, as are most of the add-on chapters. The few chapters that still include some old material have a note about that in the beginning of the chapters. The Component, Layout, and Portal chapters probably need most updating. The Advanced chapter is mostly updated, but has couple of sections which are not, and the same applies to the Theme chapter. I hope to get most of the updates done in the next few months so probably the next print edition is rather well up-to-date with Vaadin 7.

The client-side development and integration chapters have been rewritten from scratch, so there’s no Vaadin 6 stuff there, but some small details have already changed. Our DEV team has been much too busy.