Blinking mouse cursor in IE

One thing annoys me a lot in the latest Vaadin and Internet Explorer. When a lot of changes take place on Vaadin-generated web pages, the mouse cursor seems to blink a lot. Or actually the mouse cursor changes from the default one to the hourglass one really fast back and forth. This doesn’t seem to happen on other major browsers. On Windows XP (default cursors) the blinking is maybe a little less noticeable than on Vista (default cursors).

My question is that is there anything IT Mill can do or we can do ourselves to make the blinking stop? My own guess is that IE just likes to make the cursor blink when the web page is being altered a lot using JavaScript (it’s a feature of the browser). However, this is something I’ve only recently noticed so I’m not sure.

Of course IE is the most important browser for our customers and we would like our apps to have the best possible user experience. It would be great if this could be fixed somehow.

This thing is present not only in Vaadin 6 but also in ITMill 5 as well and in all IE browsers (from IE6 to IE8). Not sure if this is a Vaadin problem but IE one. However, if it could be fixed somehow, that would be great.

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