Blank screen

Hi all,

I have a question regaring my Vaadin application. I sometimes notice a blank browser window when starting the application. The content is only displayed when I resize the browser. I have noticed this in Firefox and Chrome.

I already analysed my layouts but there are no layout issues present. I also package my Vaadin resources in the application war file. Does anyone have a clue?

Thanks in advance.


Sounds strange, that type of bugs should’ve been fixed already in version 5.

What Vaadin and browser versions are you using? What is the main layout of your app, and is it 100% x 100%?

I use Firefox version 3.6.10 and Chrome version 7.0.517.41. My Vaadin version is 6.4.5.

I create my main window like this:

Window mainWindow = new Window(“portal”);

So my main application uses the default layout of Window (VerticalLayout if I am correct) but I do not set the default layout to size full explicitly.

is there a solution yet?

i have a similar (same?!) problem:

i solved the problem (workarround) , see the referenced forum message for more details