Blank screen on IE and Firefox with vaadin 6.8.3

It is one of those problems that I love.

For some of my users IE and now firefox does not display the application - all they get is the loading clock animation a flash and a grey ish screen. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

I have had the problem in ie 9 sometimes and switching to compatibility mode has sometimes fixed it. Today for example firefox v22 and IE 9 work perfectly fo rme but for another user does not.

Happy to provide any other information …

See any javascript errors in development console of the browser?

Hi … I will check this and get back to you.

The problem is that the user who has this problem is a few hundred kms away from me and remote desktop does not work so well and I have to rely on the support team in place and organising 3 different people (myself included) is a challenge.

I have finally managed to reproduce this:

I have gone into the developer options and cleared the cache and all session cookies.
I then started network capturing and refreshed the page. After my app login I then just got a blank page.
If I refresh it stays blank.
No errors in the console.

If I stop capturing and close the developer options and refresh the page it appears normally.

I am using ie9 in compatibility and non compatibility modes.

Further news on this …

When IE9 is maximised the application loads correctly.
When IE9 is not maximised and takes up perhaps half the screen width and height I get a blank screen.


If I maximise IE9 and then reduce the size to half the application is “responsive” and reduces itself in size.

Oh and when I say all this, the problem is limited to a 19inch screen in 1280x1024. On a wide screen 1920x1080 the problem never occurs regardless of the size to which I reduce the browser window.

Awesome… love computers