Black theme

I read in css files that there is a black theme and a blue theme. How can I use it in my application??

Hmm… are you maybe referring to this?

It can be tested over here

You’ll get instructions on how to get it from that thread. Directly embedded into Vaadin is only two themes Runo which was toolkit 5 and earlier default, and reindeer, which is Vaadin default.
in application

[/code] and [code]

Not exactly.

I read in the textfield.css on reindeer theme :

/* Textfield on black background */
.black .v-textfield {
	border-color: #343536;
	border-top-color: #2a2a2b;
	border-bottom-color: #3a3b3c;
	background: #1b1d1e;
	background-image: url(img/bg-black.png); /** sprite-ref: black-verticals; sprite-alignment: repeat; sprite-margin-bottom: 22px */
	color: #c9ccce;
	text-shadow: #000 0 0 1px;


/* Textfield on blue background */
.blue .v-textfield {
	border-color: #92a2aa;
	border-top-color: #7c8a90;
	border-bottom-color: #a1b3bc;

Just set the style name “black” or “blue” for your main layout.


From there it will cascade to underlying components. It might also work if you set the style name for the main window. I did a quick test with the black style, but it didn’t seem to cascade to all components, at least the tab sheet looked exactly the same to me :-/

Ok, it seems like the tab sheet doesn’t have a black theme.

Hmm… I did not know of these. The blue theme is actually quite nice.

The different colors in reindeer are actually really nice when you combine them in one layout. Maybe having white in the most parts of the app, blue as a hi light color for some part of the UI and back for black dialog boxes…

Yep, see my
application for an example of combining the different styles.

Own horn: toot :wink:


Thanks!! It works fine!!!