bizarre message sent to client through XhrConnection

My application has two parts. Right part has a lot of charts which are loading first. My application can render these charts very well on the right side as expected. But once I click one button on left side to load some data from server and create some panels, a bizarre message is sent to client through XhrConnection without my request. The bizarre message (see attachment) has a json about charts, which force to re-render charts. The rerendered charts have a lot of missing features compared to previously rendered charts. I cannot understand why the message is generated and sent to client. I do appreciate it if you could give me some hints because my application needs to be in production this week.

17605582.txt (99.7 KB)

Looking at the json, What I got from it was that there was a drag event started for a component with client side id 58, and that in it’s turn was on the server evaluated that it needs a bunch of changes in the state, including some charts data.

Hard to say much more without a test case that reproduces this.