Binder.hasChanges() alternative when using Binder.setBean()

How do I detect changes in the bean when using Binder.setBean()? The call Binder.hasChanges() alaways returns false as explained in the JavaDoc. So is the only way pretty much just tracking the change manually? That’s too bad, I think the binder could track the automatic writes too.

Just add a binder.addValueChangeListener and you have your own tracker written in 3 lines of code

An example: flow-viritin/src/main/java/org/vaadin/firitin/form/ at v24 · viritin/flow-viritin · GitHub

I could be on a mood to say that this is a bug. Don’t remember if there is an issue in the Flow repository for it.

Don’t worry, flow repo has you covered

Some day I’ll make my own Binder, in a way it should be done :sunglasses:

Before you do that, please improve the fields (validation) and Integration :sweat_smile: I’m personally quite happy with the current binder :yum:

thanks all!