Beware, adding a link to your post

I encountered a particularly annoying bug with the rich-text editor on the forums.

When adding a link to the post using the provided icon in the toolbar, after writing the URI and name for the link, all the previous text in my message was erased. And the browser’s undo doesn’t recover any of it, so by’bye to all my hard writing!

This happened with Safari 4 beta, so it might be Safari issue as well. But nonetheless, always take a copy of your text to the clipboard before using the RTE-actions in the toolbar.

ps. I might go to the Liferay booth here at JavaOne and tell them my kind opinions about their precious little “CMS”.

No such problems with Firefox/Windows.

:grin: :lol: :glare:

I also encountered the same issue with text disappearing in Safari 4beta… Adding an image also triggers the same problem.

Nike said it: Just do it!

Perhaps we could offer some UI design services? :wink:

Liferay definitely has problems with Safari 4 beta. Really obvious ones too in the CMS-parts which is odd but i’m guessing they are all Linux or Windows-users :).

Im seeing the same with latest Safari 3. If I try to insert a link to an image via toolbar, all typed posting text is lost :mellow:

Also beware of the back button! I just accidentally touched it after almost finishing a longish post and poof all gone :frowning: