best way to realize an application framework

i am looking for suggestions how to realize an application framework.
As a prerequisite i have an existing WebApp1 developed with vaadin14.1 (comparable to a product management app). Then there is another WebApp2 (currently not vaadin, maybe in the future). Now there is a third WebApp3 (vaadin14.1) that act as an entry point for WebApp2 and WebApp3 and has a few management settings.
Currently WebApp3 is loaded first, shows some tiles to the other WebApps and after clicking a tile it opens as a new tab in the browser. Thats ok, but the user experience could be better.


  • libs.jar
  • frontend-vaadin.war


  • static-content.war


  • frontend-vaadin.war
  • libs.jar

My first try was to add WebApp1 and WebApp2 as pom dependency to WebApp3 and combine them all in one ear archive. That worked with WebApp2 quite good. But i could not deploy the one and big ear-file if it contains two vaadin apps. i got several deltaspike errors so i gave up.

currently i investigated two alternatives.

  1. I export the WebApp1 as a webcomponent and embed it into WebApp3 like explained in the Embedded Vaadin Application Tutorial. But my WebApp1 uses subpages and router feature and that is a limiation to embedded web applications.
  2. i create a webcomponent that acts as a little app menu and contains a Home-link and links to the other webapps. It is like “option 1” but the other way around.

Does someone have any other ideas?