Best way to have a dependent project for flow


is it possible to hawe a java project that contain all vaadin 14 logic and us it inside a master project as a dependency ?

Project 1 as vaadin 14 project

— project 2 with vaadin 14 classes and logic ( used as a library )

MainView in Project 1

@PWA(name = "Project Base for Vaadin", shortName = "Project Base")
public class MainView extends VerticalLayout {

    public MainView() {

		ViewStandard view = new ViewStandard();  //( from project 2 )
		view.add(new Span("Ciao"));
		this.add(new H1("Hello World! ready to go width vaadin 14 ?"), view);

running the app, i get this error ( java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/test/ui/view/ViewStandard )

what am i doing wrong ?

with vaadin 8 i did it, but in vaadin 14 i have a lot of trouble, what is the best way to manage it ?

The problem seems happening only with jrebel agent active.