Best way to embed Vaadin (6.1.3) application in a content oriented website

Yet another noob question…

What is considered the best way to embed Vaadin application(s) into a content oriented web site? Content originates from the server where (XML content) sources are mashed/pipelined together and transformed into XHTML valid web pages. Up until now we included interactivity by embedding Adobe Flex/Flash (SWF) objects into the resulting page, passing in context using Flash vars. The embedded SWF then used Flash remoting using BlazeDS to talk to back-end JEE services.

I’m looking for something similar, but without requiring a browser plug-in and/or being a proprietary solution. Also, preferably the end result (page) should be still valid XHTML strict.

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The easiest way is to use iframe, however, this method has also it’s drawbacks, so you may also consider using a div element instead. You can read more details on how to do this in the special chapter of the Book of Vaadin -

Embedding applicaitons in Web Pages

It says - amongst other things…

Maybe I’m being too lazy - but does this mean that I actually need to look at the source (again)?
So the docs seem to be out of date, right?

Sorry for the outdated documentation. You can find up-to-date integration example in the Vaadin. Here is a link to the newest version:

This example is also live

(not beautiful, but show how to put multiple Vaadin apps embedded in a static web-page)