Best way to add new raw to table

I want to add new raw to table/grid dynamically and still retain value of previous added raws. What vaadin component i should use for this ?
@quick-witted-echidna FYI

Are you using the Grid component already? Using the setItems() you can manipulate the list items and add an empty Product for example that will basically be a new row. You can also grab the ListDataView object that is returned by grid.setItems() and call addItem(new Product()) on it when you press the AddRow button in your example

thank @quick-quetzal

Although be aware that the Grid is not suited to the kind of inline editable cells that you have in that image. With Grid, you can make one row editable at a time (see the Inline Editing examples in the Grid documentation

There’s also Grid Pro, which gives you proper cell-by-cell inline editing, but that requires a Pro subscription:

So depending on your requirements, you could be better off without either, and just build that tabular structure with Divs or layout components.

Thanks @useful-whale yes, i got Pro subscription. let me take a look on tabular data.
looking for example