Best strategy to display HTML report files

Hello! :slight_smile:

In the application that I’m working I’ve a bunch of HTML report files, with some PNGs and some scripting to jump to next page and go back, they’re stored at other application dir, something like /usr/var/app/HTMLs

There’re a several html files to display, but the question is: how can I display those HTML files? I tried with FileResource, but the PNG (obviously) didn’t show, and scripting wasn’t working. What is the best strategy?

I was thinking in create other HTTP server and load everything with ExternalResource, but that sounds a crapping way…

Which alternatives do I have?

Regards! :slight_smile:

If the folder where the reports are is served by a web server like apache, you could display the reports in an Embedded (Vaadin 6) or BrowserFrame (Vaadin 7).

You could also try displaying the content in a Label with (X)HTML content mode, but you would still need to make sure that the images are accessible to the client.