BeanFieldGroup and used javax.validation.Validator

Hi Forum,

in the last 10 days I started working again with Vaadin. Vaadin 7 is new to me, vaadin-spring too. First of all: thanks for your work, it is a nice piece of software!

In my current project I use Vaadin 7, vaadin-spring, BeanValidation, I18N and a Spring configured message source.

I would like to have a Grid with an inline editor using JSR 303 bean validation with error messages taken from the Spring configured message source. To do so I used a BeanFieldGroup for binding my entities.

My input is validated but unfortunately the error messages are not taken from the Spring configured message source. I tried to add a custom which uses the Spring configured valditor to the editor fields - after removing all other validators from the editor field. But with this approach I have two error messages: one translated taken from the custom validator and one which gives the message template.

Is there a possibility to replace the javax.validation.Validator used by Vaadin by default with my Spring configured validator?

Thank you in advance,