basic required tool to develope application in vaadin

i am new in this technology “vaadin” so i need help in order to make a dummy application just for understanding of vaadin’s syntax , flow and its configuration.
basically m intended to develop a kind of web based application in which database will involve, so what kind of tools should i use?
at this level i just have an abstract idea about Java language and worked on notepad for practice purpose only.
so , give me suggestions regarding tools lfor database , web server and IDE

If you’re a beginner in programming in general, there’s a lot of concepts to grasp at once. Object oriented programming for one.

But, since you’re already at the deep end, you probably want to start off by downloading
Eclipse, the Java EE version
Tomcat 7
is a good and light servlet container (web server). Take the
Vaadin Tutorial
and then continue by reading
Book of Vaadin

Good luck!