Banner image in the header?

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I split my view area into two sections header(10%) and content (90%). I tried to insert and image in the header section but it’s not fitting in the header area since my image is larger than the header area. Anybody able to achieve this? Is it possible to get what i want thru the Designer?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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if you set the Image component’s Height property to 100% (either from the Properties box or the black popup when you click the component), it will resize to automatically take all of the available horizontal space in your header component. If you’d rather have a fixed size, you can enter a pixel size like
in the Height and Width properties.


Hi again Olli, thanks for the info. I have tried your solution prior to positng it in this forum but no success. Attached is the designer screenhot. Please review and advise. I am only seeing partial first letter instead of the entire name.

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you should o use the “Source” attribute for the image URL instead of “Icon”.


Worked just fine, you are awesome Olli.