Bad behavior with session in this forum

Aaargh! Another time! I lost again a long message because I took too much time to write it. Sometime I have to interrupt my writing to do another task, and I go back, 10 minutes, one hour, or more later, and when I do an action (Publish is the most common, but today it was a simple Attach file action), I get a page stating “Forbidden”, “You have no permission to access the requested resource” (approximative re-translation from French, as I changed the default locale to have “correct” time display, another problem with this forum…).

Can you at least save the most important, the text the user typed?
As I wrote already, the text area is generated dynamically, and Firefox cannot recover the text as it does with static HTML forms when we use the Back button. Please, try and save the data, and restore it when requested.

I used to have the same problem every time I posted anything but it has gotten better now. The admins are aware of this but it’s some magic Liferay’s forum does that nobody is aware of.

I always copy my message to the clipboard before I hit Publish these days. It’s not nice, but at least it saves my computer a trip out the window every once in a while :wink: