Background styling


Im wondering, how can I change css styles of body (or background)-element. It seems to always overwrite my style definitions for body-element, or there is some hovering element over it… so how can i change my application background style?

So what I am trying is:

body {
	background: #000;

html body {
	background: #000;

But always the background is light grey :confused:

Sorry for posting in wrong forum category, should have been posted in theme…


The grey background in the default theme is specified in CSS with the selector “.i-generated-body”.

So in order to override it, you need to specify the same selector. Here’s how:

.i-generated-body { background: #000; } And that should do it!


Thanks. Had to also use .i-view and .i-app classes to overwrite default theme’s background definitions.

The manual actually shows in section 7.3 that you can use body{} to change background color. Created a ticket about this:


this was the only style i had to change:

.v-view {
background: #ffffff;


NetBeans 6.8
Glassfish v3
Windows Server 2003

Yes, .v-view will work as well as .v-app. Both Reindeer and Runo specify their background colors on the .v-app element, so by overriding that you reduce the amount of unneeded applied styles to minimum (if for example the .v-app specifies a background image, it won’t be donwloaded).