background-image of css is not showing in FF

Hi everybody,

I have a costumized css with a backgroundimage and some other stuff:

.v-panel .v-panel-content-image{
background-image: url(C:/image.png);
 	height: 80%; 	 

This works fine with Internet Explorer, but the background-image is not shown in Firefox. There is some content in the panel where I add the style (panel.addComponent(layout); panel.addComponent(sel):wink: because I have read that FF doesn’t show a background-image if there is no content. Therefore this isn’t the problem.

I (have to) use IE 8 and FF 3.0.3.

It would be great if sombody could give me a hint on this problem.

Thanks and have a nice week :-).

Just guessing: “C:/image.png” isn’t a valid URL. Either put the file somewhere your Server can access it via http or use a valid file-URL. But I might also be completely wrong with this.

That was very helpful, thanks! I didn’t know IE can handle a path on the hd and FF not. But I still had some problems, I tried some stuff and had the following css:

	<!--background-image: url(C:/image.png);-->
	<!--background-image: url('C://image.png');-->
background-image: url(../backgrounds/image.png);

and it was not working. After copying the last line to the beginning:

background-image: url(../backgrounds/image.png);
<!--background-image: url(C:/image.png);-->
	<!--background-image: url('C://image.png');-->

it is working fine (unfortunately after 3 hours of trying). Does anybody know this problem? It is like the lines that are commented out are affecting the last line

Best greetings

As far as I know is not valid for commenting out in CSS, you should use /* */ instead.

That explains a lot :D. I just googled it and believed the first website telling me, are the comments for css as well. But of course it is /* /, shame on me :). thx a lot

The only situation Ican think of, where might be a valid comment in CSS is inline styling between tags inside a HTML-document. There (HTML-comments) might work.